Finally Buzzfeed made this video!

Here is a video that is totally related to my previous post. I am so glad that Buzzfeed made more people aware that skinny people have problems too; that there are people who had to resort in eating junk food because it is said to help you gain weight; that it is not true that people like us do not have clothing problems; and honestly there is more to life than what your body is! There is a need for people to understand that human beings have diverse body types and we should not be too hard on ourselves just because we do not fit into a certain body type.


Body Talk

To the people who say that I am skinny and wish to be like me,

1. If you genuinely intend to compliment me, then thank you.

2. But, no, I didn’t starve myself to be like this.

3. I also do not have an eating disorder.

4. Don’t beat yourself up to be skinny. Don’t let media tell you that you should be ashamed of yourself because of your body.

5. Opt to be healthy instead. ALWAYS.

6. Please don’t say I should not exercise because I’m already skinny. Everybody needs to exercise regardless of body type. Not all exercise are meant for losing weight. It boosts grey matter too!

7. You are more than your body type.


To the people who say that I am skinny and I should put on some weight,

1. Yes, I know that I am skinny.

2. You are wrong to think that I have starved myself to be like this.

3. I am also aware that I need 3-5 kilos to step out of the underweight scale.

4. Making subtle statements that I may have an eating disorder hurts.

5. Again, I have not starved myself nor binge-eat to vomit later to be like this.

6. I’ve lost count on the number of New Year’s resolutions that made me half-satisfied year after year because I didn’t achieve the goals you have all set for me.

7. I have always tried to gain weight. When I choose to exercise, it means that I want to get the benefits of exercise primarily for my heart and mental health. Also, I want you to know that I always want to devour food after all that moving.

8. Please stop making comments about my body type in a way that I should be disgusted with myself.

9. I am sooooo tired trying to please you.

To all,

1. I should stop being a prisoner by always listening to what other people think I should be. I need to love myself. Everyday is a chance to be better.