Note to Self pt. 1


Stop saying “This will be my year”

Every year is your year!

The good, the bad –

they are all part

of who you were,

who you are,

and who you will be.

Make your years amazing.

There may be days when you’re down

But you can always choose to rise again.


Extra Patience Please

A friend once said that enrollment in college prepared her for the queues that she had to endure in processing government documents. If you live in the same country as ours, you will understand that falling in line to enroll in a state university or obtaining a legal document can take hours of your precious time. Think of the lines in amusement parks during peak season and you’ll get the picture.

The queues that my friend and I went through for enrollment was in fact, nothing compared to the waiting I had to do in life outside college. It can take days or sometimes years. Life becomes more complex now that you’re in your twenties. It’s not about passing or failing exams anymore. It’s about turning dreams into goals and no one ever said that it was a walk in the park. Sacrifices have to be done and even though you really want to do something about those goals at this very moment, there are times that the only logical thing to do is to wait. It brings a different kind of understanding to the famous quote, “Patience is a virtue”. Indeed, waiting is tough. It tries to me push me off the edge a lot of times. But, I will have my time. I just need to breathe and try to keep my mind off the whole waiting thing.


That One Rule

I’m not a lawbreaker and even if I am, who in their right mind would confess it to the public? Haha! Rules are made so that there is order. They are supposed to be followed unless you’re a dunce who wants to get into trouble or just needs serious attention. In the creative world (advertising, visual art, etc), there are probably cases when it’s forgivable to be deviant. But harmony is life’s imperative hence laws, guidelines, and policies are developed.

Nonetheless, there is that one law that I broke a few times. It’s not a black and white kind but more of an unwritten social rule. Since I am never proud of that doing, I am not going to say what it is but I’m leaving a clue instead.


I think there was a time when I had been burdened because of what I did but there was also a time when it saved me from the trouble of having to wait for an agonizing hour or two. I can’t exactly remember the specifics though. But whether it turned out for the best or not, I always make it to the point that I will never do the same thing again.

An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

To be wise

and intelligent,

Remember they are different.

Intelligence is a manifestation of high mental capacity

While Wisdom enables you to judge properly

Often interchanged; these words have fine lines.

To always be kind

is also what I want

And more patience

Because it’s a must!

Finally there’s a gazillion bucks

to travel the world, experience,

taste the diversity,

observe the similarities,

help those in need

and find your purpose

that will be the deed

This is in response to today’s Daily Prompt: Race The Clock

Ten minutes to write is so short!

When 44 Isn’t Just A Number


When I started this blog, I told myself to bring more optimism to the cyberspace. That meant steering away from rants and dysphoric and somber posts. However, the news about the Fallen 44 is not something that I can just shrug off. Exacerbated by today’s gloomy weather, my spirit has been weighed down piece by piece as I continue to scroll and read articles about the incident. Even before this happened, stories about war afflicted me. Every time I hear the war survivors and the families of the bereaved recount their tales, there’s a tremulous motion in my insides that either make my jaw drop or other parts of my body shudder. The violence and suffering are real. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish reading “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank because of the way the events slowly throw a cold water on one’s youth. How many lives must be lost from difference of beliefs, clash of interest, and thirst for power? We are in an era in which we are proud of scientific and technological breakthroughs. I hope we can say the same in the pursuit for peace.