Autumn Leaves, I Wish

Autumn? Autumn is for AWESOME! *insert happy sound effects*

Fall provides a temperature that obliges you to layer. It allows you to wear that cute jacket or sweater that has been sitting in your closet for ages. It gives you permission to wear tights without having to worry about people who might criticize you for dressing at the wrong season (believe me, this happens).

This is the time for more cuddling and sipping your favorite pumpkin spice lattes or your grandmother’s hot choco. This is a great moment to ponder as you watch the colorful leaves fall one by one. Then, kick or jump in that pile of leaves that has just been raked by your neighbor, laugh like a mischievous six-year old, and run like Usain Bolt as soon as you were caught by someone whom you thought was the leaf-raker but is actually a passer-by who now thinks you’re a total weirdo.

There is no sweat nor frostbite in this pumpkin-flavored season. There are only flushed cheeks, crisp air, tasty soups and stews, and more…crunchy leaves to step on. It’s amazing how the trees seem to magically change from green to various shades of red, orange, and yellow which prompts a photography enthusiast to bring out the camera and snap a picturesque autumn photo. I wish I could be that photography buff living in that fall season. But, there is no autumn in this side of the world. It just exists in my imagination and in that fantasy, autumn does feel nice.



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