Future Prediction Refused

Being able to finish a degree is great but what comes after can be really stressful. I know what kind of profession and industry I want to be in right now but I have to admit that it is not easy getting there.  The competition is tough and it has made me think a lot of what and where I should be. I have suffered from so many uncertainties these days that it has really messed up my thoughts and feelings about staying in Manila. I want to be here for a number of reasons but there are factors that seemed to tell me that my time in this city will soon expire.



Knowing about the future in my career and even love life appears to be very exciting and interesting. But if I will be given the chance to be able to foresee it, I am going to refuse because life is ought to be an adventure. Even though life’s perplexities can be so burdensome, sometimes it’s just best not to know. Over the years, life has taken me to places I never thought I would be and experiences I never imagined to happen. For an instance, I thought I’d have a career in marketing five years ago but events led me to study a different field in a place I thought I couldn’t survive a year.  It is these kinds of surprises that made me realize that past goals may not be the things that are destined for you to do. I mean, it is good to pursue your goals but we should still be open to many possibilities  After all, where is the challenge if you already know everything?


2 thoughts on “Future Prediction Refused

    • People used to say that I am wasting my time on the Internet too. But nowadays, almost everything is online that’s why it’s hard to be detached from our computers (mobile, iPad, etc)

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