Wired to Computers

500 years from now, an archaeologist probably with superhuman abilities will find my stuff and think that humans in the 21st century spent so much time sitting in front of their computers or had been glued to smartphones. He or she will also discover that humans in this generation had been amused to memes.


Ok, maybe not. Maybe, it’s just me and the defenders of the 9gag realm who are fond of memes. I’m not quite sure if the archaeologist will ever know what 9gag is though because my browsing history is inundated with Facebook activities. Also, if the archaeologist is extraordinarily skilled in digging, he or she might discover about the selfie phenomenon in the 21st century. But this is unlikely with my current gadgets that barely have selfies in them. I wonder what they will call selfie in their time.  

But the real deal is, humans in the 21st century are wired. These days, whether we like it or not, it is hard to live a day without a computer or a phone. As heavy users of Internet, we also fear of not being able to connect to the Internet. Although I can say I can live without a computer, a phone, or Internet for a few days. Parts of my body will yearn for them after a week. It makes us feel anxious when we are disconnected. How can you communicate with someone who is not beside you? How will people meet their deadline if there is no computer or Internet? These questions suddenly make me wonder on how will people live 500 years from now. Will they, by any chance, be able to read this post?



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