Work Without Pay

If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?

My current bed is the best place to stay especially on early mornings. It is where I want to be knocked down on hot and tiring afternoons with the room’s curtains that cover the sun’s rays giving an illusion of darkness and the room’s cool temperature that lulls me to sleep or you know, just rest. But make no mistake about this. I like working. In fact, I cannot imagine a day without doing a single work.

How we answer the question above depends on how we define work. Some people define work as means of making ends meet while some regard work as something they would love to do. While I agree with the two definitions, I would say that even if money were out the equation, I would still work. It does not even have to be a hypothetical question as a) it has happened; b) it is happening; and c) it will happen. 

A) It has happened.

I did volunteer work years ago and I was happy about it. There is a sense of satisfaction and happiness in helping others. There was no pay when I did that work but it was fulfilling because the feeling that you get from seeing jovial expressions and receiving genuine thanks from the people you helped had been priceless.

B) It is happening.

I resigned from my corporate work a year ago because of a scholarship that requires me to be a full-time student. Now that I have finished doing my responsibilities as a full-time student, I am currently a job-hunter. Even though I am not receiving any income,  I am doing tons of research as of the moment for something that is important for me. It is making me feel that I am working. I wish to tell you more about this but for some very personal reasons, I could not. Nevertheless, I feel a tinge of excitement about this situation. How odd, right?

C) It will happen.

There will always be work for me – whether paid or unpaid. To have a work with pay, I have to work to have a work with pay. Got it?

So you see, work for me is doing anything that could produce an outcome later and I would like to think that these outcomes will be useful for me in the future. I mean, cleaning is work. Reading books and online articles is work. Planning is work. People need to do something. It’s what we do! 😉



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