A Fresh Start

For those (of the very few) who knew and read my previous blog, you are probably wondering why I am starting a new one again. Trust me when I say that I have given much thought and consideration about this. There were many things that got in the way in maintaining my good old blog. Every time I try to write a new post, I just got stuck. There were times that it had been in my to-do list but ended up in my never-been-able-to-do-it-anyway list. Until, time flew and realized that it has been ages (AGAIN) since I wrote anything for myself other than my usual grocery and other weekly lists. So here I am, finally able to muster the courage to write an online journal as a twenty-something individual and not as a teenager who liked Twilight movies and blogs about school assignments most of the time.

During my blog hiatus, my offline experiences have taught me how to simplify jumbled thoughts. This is by making use of bullet points or numbers! I just love how they are so easy to read and make especially when you do not always have the time to think of how to weave your messages into a coherent article.

But before I talk more about writing, let me tell why I am really starting a new blog again:

1. To exercise my writing skills

You are always a one step closer to being a better writer if you write something. There’s the Daily Post of WordPress which provides inspiration whenever you have that writer’s block.


2. To have an outlet

Even though I have been writing articles for school or work, it is always refreshing to be able to write for yourself and not because of some requirement.


3. I just don’t have better things to do at the moment.


 If I had resources today, I would be on the road going to new places and trying out new food or things that I have never done before. Since I obviously don’t, blogging isn’t such a bad idea, right? 😀


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